Toca Life World Codes August 2023


Toca Boca’s latest program, Toca Life: Universe, brings together all of their previous hit games to form a massive world in which players are free to construct anything they can imagine. You may create your own universe in the incredible Toca Life universe game. Use your favorite characters in whole new narratives. There’s room for 39 more symbols in your script. See eight unique locations in Bob’s Town, ranging from a hair salon and shopping center to a food court and a condominium.

The previous world code for Toca Life

Choose your favorites and create your own story: send the principal to the salon, the teacher to the vet, and the faithful pet to the classroom. Enjoy yourself, and see how far you can push yourself. The newest release from one of the best game developers has over 50 different locations, hundreds of playable characters, and a variety of animals.


The pleasure of Toca Life: World, the popular toy map for kids and teenagers, is really limitless. In this world, anything may happen. Grow a mohawk on Grandma, turn into a sloth, or have a killer party with your mates; the choice is yours. The game has been regarded as one of the best mobile projects for many years running. The main highlight of this game is the ability to have any present sent to you by mail. Toys, pets, apparel, etc. Choose from a wide variety of humorous gifts!

Create a Story Code and Save Toca Lives

Here is how to redeem a Toca Living World: Build a Story gift card. Launch the app on your mobile device and begin playing. Look for the cog symbol to access the preferences panel. You may input a discount code at the point when you choose your options. When you click it, a blank window to write in will open. Take your time entering the code and double-checking for mistakes. If you have a gift code for Toca Living World: Build a Narrative, all that’s left to do is enter the code you were given into the game’s redemption system.

List of Toca Life World: Build a Story Codes

Toca Living World: Write Your Own Secret Codes

1. GIFT2021TLWBAS – The world of storytelling comes alive in Toca Life’s Create a Tale mode. Get awesome free stuff by utilizing this code to create your own experiences.

2. STORYTIME2021 -In Toca Living World, your creativity is encouraged as you make up your own stories. To enhance your narrative skills, use this discount to explore new worlds, characters, and techniques.

3. CREATIVITY8TLW – In Toca Life World: Create a Narrative, you may let your creative juices flow freely. In this, the greatest storytelling playground ever created, you may enter this code to get access to special items and let your creativity run wild.

4. ADVENTURE2021TLW – Explore the fantastic world of Toca Life and write your own epic narrative. By inputting this code, you will have access to exciting missions, hidden maps, and hidden treasures.

5. IMAGINE8TLWBAS -In Toca Living World, you may make up whatever story you choose. Use this discount to access previously unavailable settings and give life to your writing.

6. FUNTIME8TLWBAS -Create a story in Toca Living World now! To unlock secret minigames, amusement park features, and more, please enter the code below.

7. CHARACTER2021TLW – Make some new friends in the story world of Toca Life: Create a Narrative! Input this code to unlock a wide variety of unique people who may take part in your imaginative journey.

8. SECRETGIFT8TLW – Explore this unique Toca Living World and find out what surprises it holds: Code to redeem for Create a Tale! You may use it to unlock exciting bonuses and bonus content that will enhance the story you’re reading.


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