Hands on With Apple’s Vision Pro: The Opposite of Disappearing

Apple has finally unveiled its highly anticipated mixed-reality headset called the Vision Pro.

Unlike a singular device, the Vision Pro is considered a spatial computing platform.

The standout feature of the headset is its ability to adjust the immersion level of the virtual environment.

The Vision Pro utilizes eye-tracking, hand gestures, and voice commands for user input, eliminating the need for hand controllers.

It is a tethered headset that requires a connection to an external battery pack, providing a two-hour run time.

During a hands-on demo, users found the interface to be intuitive, with external cameras tracking hand movements and internal eye-tracking cameras selecting apps.

The virtual dock of the Vision Pro displayed Apple apps in a home mode, allowing for easy navigation and interaction.

The headset particularly excelled in the entertainment category, delivering dynamic experiences such as 3D movies and interactions with virtual creatures.

However, the Vision Pro's high price tag of $3,500 may limit its accessibility to many consumers.

While the device shows promise, its consistent worthiness and performance are yet to be proven over time.